What Are Some Commonly Used Types Of Steel?

As technology developed, the industry of steel too faced a rapid growth especially in terms of its use in various aspects. Since the 1970s, the magnitude of energy which was used to produce steel has been successfully reduced by 34%. This has become a major benefit as the use of steel has been more and more common among people all over the world. Among these uses, there are several types of steel that are most commonly used to produce items. Following are the three most commonly types of steel that you will come across in your life.

Tool steel

The term tool steel itself represents its primary purpose. This type of steel is primarily used for the production of steel that is commonly used as tools. However, these tools are not the ones that you find in the garage. In contrary, these are very well known for their hardness that are used to cut other products that are used out of metal, which brings out the speciality in them. Where do you commonly find these types of steel? Tool steel are usually found in a hammer.

Carbon steel

What is carbon steel? This is generally divided into three main categories, namely; high carbon steel, low (mild) carbon steel and medium carbon steel. Out of these three types of carbon steel, the most widely used type is low carbon steel that has the ability to cover structural beams and sheet metal. However, high carbon steel is not as used as much as low carbon steel due to the fact that it shows great difficulty to work with. While steel is used for different purposes like aluminium wall cladding in its many forms.

Alloy steel

Just as the term tool steel gave out the idea of what it really stand for, so does alloy steel. It is basically used in small amounts but in forms of multiple elements. The alloying elements in alloy steel can be recognized as titanium, silicon, chromium, nickel etc. However, these are not the only alloying steel but only a handpicked few. Even aluminium facade cladding companies make use of aluminium alloys in producing products.


In general instances, there are many occasions where we find steel useful. It can be in its many forms that we use them. For instance, the railings used in aluminium are a good example of the many benefits of steel as it is heat resistant and can be used outdoors as well. Just look around you and you will be able to find at least ten uses of steel that you are enjoying right now.