World’s Biggest Heists Attempts

This a list of one of the greatest heist attempts. Not all were successful but they were daring attempts that got them on the map. Sometimes the police are tip-offed early are ready when the heist occurs to capture the thieves or when suspicious activity takes place the police are alerted immediately.

These heists were not like what we see on TV where there are armoured cash in transit vehicles for sale and the thieves purchase them and steal the money from the bank but these require months of planning. Even with all the planning and everything figured out people still are captured.

The Millennium Dome Raid

The Millennium Dome Raid was a robbery attempt to steal diamonds including the Millennium Star which was considered to be one of the most flawless gems in the world with a worth of 200 million pounds. The robbery was foiled due to a tip-off received by the police. This gang had made previous unsuccessful robbery attempts elsewhere and the police were observing them. The police were ready on the day of the raid and knew of their escape route and plan. If the robbery was successful it would have been the biggest robbery in history regardless of the military vehicles used.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft

Two men disguised as police officers entered the museum stating they received a disturbance call. After arriving inside they handcuffed and tied the guards and spent over an hour stealing valuable art specially The Concert by Vermeer, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt and other works by Degas, Manet and Flinck. They had stolen a total of 13 works of art that were valued at around 500 million dollars. Even though there were many suspects, the real culprits were never caught.

Antwerp Diamond heist

The Antwerp Diamond heist is known as the heist of the century in which diamonds and jewellery worth 100 million dollars was stolen. The diamonds were in a highly protected locked behind many advanced tech. The mastermind of the operation was captured after finding the DNA in a partially eaten sandwich. The diamonds to this day remain uncovered and continue to be a mystery.

Central Bank of Iraq

One day before the United States forces entered Baghdad an amount nearing 1 billion dollars was taken from the Central Bank of Iraq where Qusay Hussein who was Saddam Husseins son took a note from his father ordering money to be withdrawn and given to Qusay Hussein. This is considered one of the largest bank heists in history. Even though it may not seem planned and illegal, it was as the bank held private money.

These are some of the world’s biggest heists. Even though some are successful the police are never far behind and rarely are some that are actually successful.