Why We Need Virus Guards

Since computers have been available it has allowed us to do things faster and be more productive than ever before. It created new industries and many businesses came to rely on it. The computer in general is one of the most successful products created. Computers have allowed us to expand our knowledge through the internet and have become a library that contains everything. There have been instances where the use of computers have been disrupted and turned into instruments that work against us. Computer viruses have been there since the 70s and have continued to cause problems. Usually there are virus guards that allow us to stay out of harm but some have bypassed virus guards and have cause losses to many.

Computer viruses are malicious programs that can have various effects on a computer. Viruses replicate themselves and that’s how they spread. Some viruses can cause serious problems to your computer and can completely make it unusable. Some on the other hand you may not be aware of. One’s that you cannot detect can continuously steal all your data without your knowledge while spreading itself. There are many anti-virus programs that are available to detect and delete these viruses. The best antivirus for business use has been developed to protect all sensitive and important data.

Initially viruses were created as simple pranks and practical jokes but over time it started being used for illegal purposes. Viruses are used by hackers to steal information and cause crashes. There have been viruses that have caused serious problems. Some have been able to spread to millions of computers and caused many issues. Some infamous viruses that have caused damage include The Concept virus, The Chernobyl virus, ILOVEYOU virus, The Melissa virus and Storm worm. Some viruses are made to target certain data or certain software. Every virus works differently, some have triggers such as opening a certain program or opening an attachment and some start replicating without your knowledge and starts acting once it has infected a certain number of computers. There are various triggers and purposes. When highly sensitive data are stolen and computers are destroyed, authorities get involved and many hackers have been jailed and sued for millions.

Virus guards are usually the best security for viruses. Virus guards are released for all kinds of devices. You can easily find antivirus for windows 10, windows 8, iOS, Android etc. These virus guards are updated regularly to improve protection and fight new protections. They usually search the computer at certain times or when anything new is downloaded or copied to the computer.

Since virus guards have been available viruses are controlled at a certain level. There are still some that go under the virus guards’ radar and cause problems but they are usually immediately detected and cleared. As technology improves so do virus guards and viruses are close behind.